.exe file query

I have used Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 in a course I am doing and am looking to download the free trial of this. I know the later versions probably have more functionality but I would prefer to use CS3 if possible.

I cam across the site below and it supplies an .exe file download. I have supplied a link to the website below:

Adobe Trial Downloads

I was just wondering if the site is ok to use and also if there’s a way of checking that the .exe is free from any viruses and if it’s a safe file to use.

Thanks for your help.

Check the site here http://www.mywot.com/ here http://www.siteadvisor.com/ and here http://hosts-file.net/ before you download anything, and you’ll have a better idea whether it’s reliable or not.

Why would you download the free trials from an untrusted third party when you can download them from adobe directly and have a fighting chance of not installing a rootkit in the process.

Edit: Oh, CS3. That is a bit trickier, but I would ask the university, they should be providing a way to get the tools. I’d really wonder why they are teaching a course using tools that are 3 revisions back . . .

Despite a few UI difference Dreamweaver CS3 and CS5 are pretty much identical feature wise.