Exchange Traffic and Google

Hello everyone,

I have a website which doesn’t have Google adsense ads that was just a informative and company services website. Now i want to get some traffic from exchange traffic programs, is it ok for google to accept the traffic from exchange program as the site doesn’t have adsense on their or same policies as adsense?? to increase the google rank and alexa rank currently my site have 13,684,167 alexa rank.

Thank you.

Google frowns upon exchange traffic period. You don’t have Adsense so your only penalty may be loss of rank, or penalized, or in the worse case deindexed. Prob not worth the risk

@PicnicTutorials is right. Google isn’t stupid, and it’ll find the connection between the sites you’ve exchanged with.

I intend to exchange some links via LinkMarket. Luckily, I read this thread before doing so.

Thanks for your valuable advice.

Thanks for your kind information, what if someone do this type of traffic for only one day then how many days google blocked traffic? any idea.

I did it 35 days ago for one day just an expirement after that google deindexed my many pages and after certain no of pages its stop decreasing the indexed and also its not indexing my site after that, so i want to know how many days google will block my site for trafic and indexing website?

Sounds like you got your answer lol. Go to google webmaster tools >> register your site >> tell google you fixed the issue.

Yes thanks i got my answer.
Thank you so much