Examples of sites that use good SEO techniques

Hi everybody,
I’ve been reading a lot of the threads there, and I have not seen many links to sites that provide a good working/live examples of sites that are good from an SEO perspective. I think a thread on this would be useful for those who are beginning to learn about who it all works.

Can people post links to sites and tell why its a good example of SEO?

Thanks in advance

Sure, do any search for anything at all on Google and look at the top 5 sites.

Look at a competitive search term and even that can be misleading.

If you start looking at PPC (pills/porn/casino) SERPs you’re probably going to see a lot of top sites pushing the envelope/using black hat techniques.

Is that good for SEO? It gets you to the top, but it may also get you banned in the long-term.

[QUOTE=tke71709;4492801]Look at a competitive search term and even that can be misleading.

I get what you’re saying but a search for any term at all, competitive or not, will show the pages that rank top for it and it’s not hard to figure out why. Maybe less competitive terms are better to start with since it’s usually really obivious how the ranking has been acheived.

Find how your competitors rank and try out to just have to be better than your competitors.
Edit: Not all competitive search terms could be misleading, while feeding your competitive intelligence data you can only choose them who can give you positive lead.

I know I’m nitpicking but I would start with a generally white hat type search like “web hosting” and go with that.

The PPC ones are filled with black hat sites, and looking at non-competitive searches like “purple web monkey” aren’t going to give you an accurate portrayal of good SEO. If we look at those SERPs you’ll see things like keyword stuffing in meta tags, and the such that don’t really help but might look like they do to a beginner.


Everything that they do on-site just works great. Every possible type of boot has it’s own url and page title. They’ve added some good text to the bottom of the pages for the search engines, which is very helpful on an ecommerce site. Also, their great site architecture allows the spiders to crawl deep within the site. These guys get it.

Yes search from any keyword in Google you will get all top sites in top page of Google. You can check the promotion also of these sites and get the idea.


 Many seo sites are available in internet.Use specific keyword to search best seo technique sites via Google search engine to know about top seo sites.


I find that if you’re looking for a good example of SEO you’re going to struggle. It’s like looking for steroids in bodybuilders just on looks. They all look tough, but you’re not going to know who did it properly and who cheated.

The best way to look is to look at competitive areas where SEO is rampant, typically smaller areas where people are selling things, or plastering PPC ads.

Really? I’ve been looking in my cupboards for them and I simply couldn’t figure out where they’d be!

Oh man! I can’t believe that you can use Google to search for websites, using keywords! You’re a SEO wizard!