Examples of Python audio/music programs

I come from the design and front-end development world but without any major emphasis on Javascript. I do have some experience scripting in JS and Processing.org but not enough. I plan on studying Python but I’m not fully aware of what Python can do and can not do. I’m especially curious about what it can do with audio, music or MIDI. This may be outside the scope on this forum but I thought I’d ask. I have a background in music technology so that’s why i bring it up.

Hello rpeg,

Python is a very powerful programming language. I myself use python for doing some system administration task in Linux. There are a lots of Python tutorial available on the internet.

One book which i think is really good for learning Python is “Dive into Python”, which i found is really good.

As far for doing some audio/video stuff in Python there are two multimedia framework which i know.

  1. GStreamer, which i have learned and one can do a lot of cool stuff with it. I also comes with Python bindings so that the developers can write programs/applications.

You can look at the book “Python Multimedia:Beginner’s Guide” which is really good and also the GStreamer website for good tutorials.

  1. VLC media Player, is also v.good (TBH i not used it too much) and also can write programs in Python.

Someone was asking around about specifically video and Python over in the Python Community group on Linkedin. If you want I can try to dig that up. It wasn’t music/MIDI, but sometimes video libs keep their audio stuff separate anyway.