Exact meaning of Page Quality Content

Today Page content is key for achieving top ranks and it should be different-2 for each page. Please tell me what is feature of Quality Content and how we write best content for our business.

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i think your question is kinda self explanatory. “quality content”
for the sake of answering your question here are some characteristics of quality content

  1. content that is unique to your website (content copied from other websites is considered low quality)
  2. content that makes your website standout from other websites and is targeting users not search engines i.e keyword stuffing

Here is what the ivory tower ( google webmaster central blog ) defines as quality content.

No fluff, straightforward and no shortcuts.

  • at least about 400 - 600 wordings.
  • Unique Content that is originally published by you
  • Minimal Grammar error

I believe if you write something which is based on your experience and which is genuine not copied, no rewrites then such content is of high quality. As long as the content you are writing is useful then it’s the best content.

The sample answer to your question is: “It depends.”

The more complex answer relates to your site’s goals. What do you want people to do when they come to your site? Do you want them to buy your products or services online? Or is the content there so that they can get to know you better and decide if they want to come to your dental office or take dance lessons at your studio?

Set your goals first. Then create your content.

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