Exact Match Domains Strategy

Hi guys,

What are your thoughts on this strategy?

Client A has a powerful main website that ranks well for target terms. But client A wants another position on the front page to double chances of being found.

Client A has 10 services that they wish to promote.

They buy 10 exact match domains with their service keyword inside.

They create 10 mini sites that target each service and use completely unique content.

With a little bit of link building the sites get into Google for their target keyword. Within a few weeks sure enough the mini site ranks on the first page alongside the main website.

Has anyone had good/bad experiences of creating exact match domain websites? Is this a bad strategy? Will they get banned? I have heard mixed reviews.

The sites that will be developed will not be spam sites but highly targeted mini sites focusing on a niche.

The major online logo design websites do this all the time. Logoworks owns logodesign.com, logomaker.com, etc… Logo Design Guru owns logosnap.com, graphicsdesignblog.com, logoblog.org, etc…

At the moment, this seems to be a very effective strategy!

I don’t know that I would say 90% but I would say at least 80% :smiley:
With the remaining 20% on page 2 without any link building. So regardless it’s the smart way to go with little or no SEO needed.

I have done this many times and for different industries. We have one main site and many other supporting websites, all looking the same, but different content. The results are good. Exact match domains make it alot easier to get the search engine rankings. None of our sites have been banned and some have been running for 2 years.

I read recently that 90% of the sites with exact match keywords end up on page 1 of Google for the primary keyword without any link building.

So as long as your content is good and unique you should have no issues maybe use FreeTrafficSystem or 1WayLinks to post 1 or 2 articles are start generating the traffic from there which should boost your rankings also.