Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong - sample chapters

Today, in response to an e-mail I received I visited the sitepoint.com site again. It is heavily promoting the book: Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong, and as usual has a way to download sample chapters.

This page: (sitepoint site)/books/csswrong1/samplechapters.php (I can’t yet post a link - I haven’t “earned my stripes” yet, sorry) is the page I went to and it specifies “Get 4 Chapters Free Now…” which I thought was odd as the book only has 5 chapters. But, Sitepoint has run promos before, and I’ve made good use of them. I’ve bought books (amazon) after downloading a few sample chapters before, so these I think these downloads are well worthwhile, both for the customer and Sitepoint.

I was disappointed when I followed the link I was e-mailed to get my sample chapters. Instead of 4 chapters, what I got was the Preface, Chapter 1 and the index. Even counting the Preface as a chapter (which the book doesn’t) at best what I got was 2 chapters; at worst what I got was Chapter 1.

By the way, I had downloaded sample chapters for this book previously, but as I said I thought this was some new promo. As it turned out the download now promoted as “Get 4 Chapters…” is the same as the download I a short time ago.

They say never look a gift horse in the mouth, so I don’t want to be critical of the free downloads - as I said I think they help all around. However, another saying is: Expectations are the leading cause of disappointment; and when a page promotes “Get 4 Chapters…” for some reason that sets a level of expectation that I will see four chapters.

For the general public reading this please take this as informative, especially if you had previously downloaded sample chapters. For the moderators, please take this as constructive criticism, as my goal is to help not to hurt.

–Thank you
An overall happy viewer / user of your site and services.

P.S. I really do appreciate all the work you do and the quality of the content presented. I know it takes a lot of hard work and I for one recognize that.

I would like to see some reviews on this book. I’m somehow reluctant.

I found a review of this book and a few [URL=“http://www.digital-web.com/articles/everything_you_know_about_CSS_Is_wrong/comments/”]comments. It seems the concept behind this book is interesting but will not be applicable before a few years, when IE6 and IE7 are abandoned. Was it worth writing a whole book for just a concept? Maybe a chapter addition to an existing book would have been more insightful?

Do not buy this book.

In fact I think all people who bought this book should petition sitepoint for a full refund or credit to buy another book.

Why not? It is the only book available on CSS that covers that topic which all of the other books on CSS (including those published since that one) all leave out.

If you are after information on how to use tables for your web page layout then that book is the only source of that information.

If you are not looking for information on how to create CSS tables then obviously you don’t need to consider a book where that is the only topic covered.

There was plenty of information on what the book was about on the SitePoint site that people could use to determine what the book was about and so anyone who bought it was either looking for information on CSS tables (since it isn’t covered in any other book on CSS) or they bought the wrong book.

No one who bought it should be entitled to a refund. It would be like people going into a store to buy a roast dinner who purchase a cake instead and then when the cake turns out to not taste like a roast dinner they demand a refund for their mistake of having purchased the wrong thing.

First of all, sitepoint have articles on their site that are much much longer(i can give examples if you wish) that are more lengthy than what they claim to be the meat of this book.

Secondly there are plenty of online resources discussing the table property and lets be honest here, it is nothing hard to get your head around.

The title of the book is a blatant lie. Nothing about the way I would use CSS has changed with reading this book. Not to mention Sitepoint is continuing to sell their other CSS books, they are still promoting them. Should they now not be obsolete based on the tilte of this book.

The book is misleading in that the title should have some indication that it is discussing the simple CSS table property. I should not have had to have done research on this book before buying. The sitepoint name has always been good enough for me in the past.

And finally your food analogy makes no sense. What is more accurate is you walk into a shop to buy a roast dinner and they serve you a single potato in the middle of the plate with lots of lettuce to surround it to fill up the plate.

They mis-lead us and we deserve a refund.

Has it been over 30 days?

It has been unfortunately. I bought it when they were doing their Christmas offers.

I only got around to reading it this week. So I do not think I am eligable.

I was going to buy their Jquery:novice to Ninja but after this experience I think I will be getting the “Friends of Ed” Jquery book which is also due out soon.