Every page element is larger when comparing same code between local and web files

Hi there everyone,

I’ve worked for days on trying to duplicate a header and footer as closely as I could and this morning, I finished the final element. I switched back and forth between the two designs a hundred times or so, comparing the heights of the various elements again and happy with everything, I uploaded the files so my friend could view them.

I looked at the uploaded file and immediately knew it wasn’t right. Even though I was looking at the same code while using the same browser, everything was much larger than when I viewed the same file locally. I mean everything. Text is larger, images are larger, css heights are larger:

To the left is my local copy and on the right is the remotely uploaded copy.

What in the hell happened? Can I do something to fix this so that the remote copy retains the sizing of the local?

Remote: http://schw.im/techguys1
Files: http://schw.im/techguys1.zip

Can’t reproduce what you describe. Both looks exactly the same, also in different browsers.

Have you compared the posted zip with the remote site?

Have you accidentally set the zoom setting on one or the other?

The examples look the same to me so I’m guessing you may have accidentally browser zoomed one or the other.


It’s very embarrasing but that’s exactly what I did. A tiny bit of mouse scroll wheeling fixed my issue :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for the help!


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