Event will not attach to element after ajax inserts element in DOM

the code i have works in ff, chrome, opera, safari. but not ie7.

in the callback function i append to the dom and after it exists in the dom i attach an event to it. this works in other browsers but does nothing in ie… what could be causing this?

$.get('/ajax/itemqty.aspx', {'product':product}, function(data){
// this is just a snippet of code. in my project i loop through rows and insert links based on conditions
// append <a href="#" class="emailAvailable" rel="value"> to document

    // anything code here does not run in ie 7


the preventDefault method is not supported by IE, use the returnValue property and the preventDefault method together for a cross-browser funcionality.
You can find detailed description and cross-browser examples here:
preventDefault method
returnValue property