Event Samsung Dev Day 2022

Hi guys!

I wanted to share with you this event (in person and by streaming) organized by Samsung on App Development that will take place on November 16 in the Cloister of the Jerónimos of the Prado Museum.

A lot of experiences will be shared by great speakers such as Julian Toledo (Google) on Android 12L design and adaptation to large screens, Pablo Gallego on Tizen Smart TV development, Frankie Carrero (VASS) on best practices in AI or Marc Redondo (Filmin) on app development for foldables.

If you want more info you have it all here :point_right: https://www.europe-samsung.com/smsdev/Noticias/Detalle/descubre_la_agenda_del_samsung_dev_day_2022/db9af1c2-05c9-4f8e-8e3d-0c7c0ed37e64

I hope you find it interesting!!!

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