Event Marketing: Facebook site(s), .com site, or both?

Hi there,

I’ve recently initiated a bi-weekly latin dancing event in Los Angeles. Currently, we use a Facebook page for all the online marketing. I do not know how to scale this though.

In the near future I will host a separate, bigger, yearly event as well as promote dance lessons. What’s the optimal way to market this? Options I see:

  • Separate Facebook pages titled as the name of each event
  • 1 Facebook page titled as my company name that includes multiple events
  • A regular .com for the company on top of the Facebook pages

I’d like to consolidate everything to 1 page for simplicity and SEO purposes but if I title the Facebook page with my company name, I’m afraid people won’t be able to find it when they search for the event name!

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.

Your plans or options are the right way for your marketing and regarding for one page and simplicity for seo purposes. I think it’s good, and your regular visitors will find their desired events on your page, and you must be active on your Facebook account page. This is to update them regularly on your events, and they will easily find your page because of the schedules and places of the events that will be posted on your page.

Maybe you could make a FB page for the event, and you could have your company name/info on it? That way when they search for the event they can also see your company name. You may want to also make a .com and link it to your FB page.

For scaling your events over online through Facebook, you can make the use of single Facebook page with multiple events created on the same page.
With Multiple Facebook ,it might create illusion among the audience & viewers & even can create difficulty in gaining the online reputation for the event.
By creating a single Facebook page with multiple event & taking help of the Facebook ads campaign can help you & your page for promotion over the online.
Facebook does allow the creation & optimization of the events online through paid campaign.
With .com sites you have create several page on the websites, with the home page, about us, contact form & many more,although it true that it will help to gain a wide range of audience who might be interest to know more about your websites, products & services.

Both! Every body is on Facebook, but a website is more customizable.

That’s really good advice. When your events become pretty big though you’ll definately want a professional website to show people more about what you’re doing etc. In the meantime the Facebook option is good.


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