Event Calendar for Wordpress 3.0?

I’m using WordPress 3.0 Twenty Ten theme for my website,
and I would like to have some kind of event calendar in a page,
and on the calendar, each day will display events of the day.
I looked at the Calendar widget included in the wordpress 3.0 but it only displays the date, right? But I want the events displayed.

Would you somebody actually using that kind of event calendar point me specific plugin?
I looked at CGM Event calendar, it looked nice, but it did not support Korean in title area.

Thanks for your advice.

Sorry, I checked his translations list and Korean is not on it yet. :frowning:

Google Calendar would make a good one to use though, they’re always on top of stuff like that and there’s a whole bunch of different ways/plugins to use to make it do exactly what you want.

Here’s the search for Google Calendar on the Plugin Directory.

I use this Calendar plugin developed by Kieran O’Shea on almost all my WP sites. Haven’t tried it with WP3 yet, but he’s pretty good about updating it, so I’m assuming it will work still.

Let me know if it works out for you.

I know it’s not the kind of advice you expect but I think you should try all calendar/event plugins that are available and choose the best one. If there’s no translation you can always make your own. I did it (translation) by myself for one of plugins.

If you have Google Calendar you can just enter your events in there, then go to calendar settings and grab the embed code (customizable)

Then just add a page in your WP dashboard -call it whatever you like and add the code in the HTML area.

Good luck!

Please forgive my ignorance, but to use Google Calendar in my Wordpress site, should I be already having google calendar so I can use(feed) it to my Wordpress site?

lmsook, are you knowledgeable about PHP? If so you could open up the plugin, WP has (or used to) have a function that translates words into the users language. It was __() that is two underscores. If it exsists still try to wrap the title in that. Make sure the language of the site is set to korean in the html tag

Thanks for suggesting http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/calendar/, it looks nice and well fits into my site.
But the problem is that it does not allow me to enter Korean in the Event Title and Event Title. I can type Korean there, but as soon as I click ‘save’ , they all turn into ???
Somebody know how to fix it?
Otherwise, do you know any other calendar plug in that might work with Korean?

I second this plugin. It works great and is regularly updated with new features.

I’m using Kieran O’Shea calendar, and it was problem that I should the db set as utf-8, then I can type Korean with no problem.
Thanks for you guys help.

One more question about calendar,
Beside the event calendar on a page, I’m trying to add calendar to my sidebar.
Just plain calendar with indicating today(like a circle to today), it’ll be okay.
But as I add default Calendar widget from WP admin->widget to sidebar,
it only shows calendar, I mean only dates no indicating today.
So I don’t know what date today is from the calendar.
Do I have to fix something or do you know a calendar I can plug in?

Thanks again.