Evaluator websites - how reliable are their traffic numbers (not $ evaluations!)

Hi, new here!

I am thinking about buying a site and have been looking into website evaluating sites like www.websiteoutlook.com, www.stimator.com, sites like that. I saw there was an old thread here about those kinds of sites, asking how reliable they were. There was no real conclusion to the thread, so I thought I’d start a new one. I think we can all agree that such sites can’t really give a good estimation as to the value of a site, but what about the traffic numbers they come up with? Does anyone have any thoughts as to how accurate they are?

I came across another site: www.tapirbot.com - they basically aggregate the different evaluator sites and show you all the different values they come up with and give you averages for the stats. Again, leaving the value question to one side, does anyone know how reliable the tapirbot.com average would be - just as a range indicator for traffic?


Thanks again - everything is much clearer now!

One thing that does seem a bit clearer, tom99, is that you are very clever at dropping links for tapirbot :wink: as I saw in v7n just now, in my own forum thread earlier and other places.

What blew it is that you went a teeny, weeny bit too complimentary about tapirbot and someone spotted that :wink:

they skew the averages dude… best to get one that feeds from your server.

Thanks for getting back! I agree with you on the cost numbers. But what about the traffic numbers? If you look at tapirbot.com you can see that the evaluator sites have quite different traffic numbers. Do you think the “smart average” thing they have could be a good indication of the real traffic? I have tried some sites I know the actual google analytics numbers for and the average comes pretty close. Just wondering if that was coincidence.

I’ll have a look at the site you mentioned! Thanks again.

You should ignore any valuation site that doesn’t ask the owner for information like revenue and costs.

This website valuation tool compares the site being sold with the price other similar sites fetched at auction, I believe.

It’s hardly a “smart” average, it’s just the mean. Any huge outliers will skew the average. To be honest, I wouldn’t use any of those sites.

Thanks hooperman.

I followed your link above to the experienced-people.net forum and found some great advice there, too. Things are much clearer now.

I have always been careful with those evaluator sites - it is just a case of the more data, the better. I just thought the tapirbot.com thing could be useful as a kind of overview for those sites, for traffic at least.

The experienced-people.net post had some great information on evaluator sites and I think I can use them now in the right way: a good source for looking at page rank and things like that and as a good approximation of traffic numbers. The $ evaluation is a lot more complicated and the ebizvaluations.com link you gave me earlier seems like a good start, although as with all things algorithmically set-up, it, too, can only function as a guideline.

I think the tapirbot.com site is a good fast first look to get the basic numbers the evaluators have - and that’s how I’ll use it!

Thanks again - everything is much clearer now!