Has anybody used services from This company provides a domain registartion service in Europe and they allow to reg a domain even with .asia extension for 18.00 €. I ask 'cause I plan to reg a domain with them.
So share your thoughts please.

I suppose that is not good idea to reopen 32 month old thread here.
If you want to start your own thread you will need to create your own. is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

I just register today a domain at 11.30 am in asia , it’s now 6.40 pm so it’s more that 7 hours and the domain still show pending and avaible in the whois.

You get promo at 5 euro/domain but you dont get your domain. In case of nice premium you will lose it for sure.

I send two emails at working day europe. I just get back automatic answer like ticket. Support is totaly ZERO.

Don’t use them or you will break the your computer soon !!!

You can register any TLD with DirectI resellers and at a very nominal cost than quoted by said registrar.

Wish you all the best.

To the OP, do you want to reg a dmain with .asia extension? If yes, is right for it. They provide the domain registration in Europe and Asia. I have read many positive feedbacks about them.

As far as I know for .asia they can only accept requests for .asia. Please say me if I’m not correct here.


i already used eurodns to register few domain name…nothing to say about it , it s cool :slight_smile:

i registered 4 .fr domain (france) and 1 .lu (luxembourg)

I have been using eurodns for a couple of years now, and never had any problems with them. Have about 10 domains registerd with them. looks a solid domain registrar, I especially like their free services, they also offer .de, .nl, .lu, .dk domains to foreign clients.

Didn’t quite get what’s said here:

As far as I know for .asia they can only accept requests for .asia. Please say me if I’m not correct here.

You are right here. only accept request for .asia extension. Be aware that .asia TLD just started and the .asia versions of your new domain name of course is still available for registration. More about .asia follow this link to the information PDF or go directly to to register .asia Domain.

There is a discount coupon from

COM5 5 Euro for a .com

I have found some coupons on services. They offer discounts on .com and .net extensions. Coupon codes are: NET550DN and COM5. They cost now5,40 Euro.
Has anybody got discounts on these coupons? offers discounts: ASIA10, MOBITR on their domain extentions as well. They are their Chrismas discounts I guess.

I have few domains registered through They seems to be one of the biggest domain name registrar.

How do you like custom panel? I wonder if you could compare it to one used by any other registrar? has a usable custom panel. And this company offers a lot of discounts on domain registration and these discounts are significant.

Which means you have to deal with Directi’s customer support which is the worst I’ve ever come across

Not at all. We are getting perfect replies with in 24 hours and have no problems since last 4/5 years with them with all our 1K+ domains.

Thanks for your answers, comminity.
I have reged some domain with using couppon codes from them. That procedure was flawless. Frienly support.

Hi Tijmen, what made you switch from