Estimating Local Search Volumes

I’m finding more clients are asking me about SEO. I understand how SEO works and have had some good results so far. However, I’m finding more difficult to predict local seach volumes for clients. Many operate small business and are starting to use SEO to promote themselves locally. E.g within a local county, or for a large area e.g. North Wales, West Midlands. It’s all very good being on the first page, but if there is very low search volumes, is it worth the investment.

I used to use google adwords for this, but I have notices this gives away far less than it used to, as does the google traffic estimator tool. Most tools now only register for significantly high volume searches. Any tips on finding lower volume data at a local level?

I’m also interested in this, google insights give some sort of ranking but it too can be quiet for longer tail keywords.

What other tools are there?

I’m looking for an answer on this as well. I live in Denmark but using the Google Keyword Tool for Danish keywords/phrases just don’t return a credible result. The numbers are just way to low.

I hope someone can chip in.

i think seo is better to global search volumes…
it’s very easy to get more benefits for your’e website and business…


You’re not going to get many results in the google keyword tracking for “[Keyword] [Location]”.

However, you should target it. For two reasons.

a) It’s a lot easier to get higher rankings in it.
b) The traffic you do get will more likely convert.

Many SEO’ers concern themselves with just chasing the long tail. I know keywords that I have targetted for a local business that has yeilded over £150,000 in sales for the client. Not bad for a 1% of that investment, eh?

I still use Google Adwords. That seems to work well enough. If you find anything better, let me know.

well if the keyword is very competitive worldwide then its going to work in the future locally… business grows very fast…