Estimated time for psd to html conversion

Estimated time for 1-5 PSD’s to HTML conversion

That depends on the complexity of the designs, how fluent you are writing HTML/CSS/Javascript, what specific functionality is in the brief (eg lighboxes, Jquery enhancements) and so on.

i m not a designer nor a developer so i have no idea about the requirements i just have to know about the approx. time to accomplish PSD to HTML

If you hope to get even a close estimate, you need to know what is entailed.



For a simple page conversion (no scripts) of straight copy of a PSD (non responsive) then that can usually be done in a couple of days quite easily. Sometimes in a few hours if simple.

However some clients submit PSDS that stretch below the fold forever and can take a month so it all depends on the design and what’s entailed as mentioned in all the posts above.

I convert my clients (simple) PSD designs more or less the same day but then they know not to make them too complex and follow good guidelines with their design

So to answer your question we would need to see a rough outline of the design, whether it is responsive and what other requirements are needed before a guesstimate can be made :smile:

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