Estimate price of my website

I have a website for sale but i cannot estimates the price of it.

This website consits of information of different types of visa etc and the almost six countries visa information.

Websites consists of 50 pages almost.

Revenue is approximately $100 Per month.

Website Promotion/marketing is still required.

How much should i ask for my this website. :goof:


first of all show the url :slight_smile:

if it is steady income than 500-1000 usd is nice option

Usually its about 10 months revenue… so about 1k

I would say between 6 and 10 months revenue, so probably $600-1,000.

Might want to show the url though, as revenue isn’t everything.

Yeah I’d agree with MrOzzy about $600-$1000. It depends on the type of site and the market it’s geared towards.