Estimate for custom WP skin

Could anyone refer an excellent and affordable WP designer please PM me.

You could always crowdsource the project on You’d get to see dozens of different designs and pick the one you like best. We also offer the coding service as well.

See some examples here:

Great source. I checked it. Thankss @ Mark H

I would build in at least few hours for scope creep or if you run into unseen problems. In my experience more often than not a project will never go 100% as planned. Budgeting an additional 10 - 20% is just safe.

If you don’t use the extra time you can cut down the final price, tell me your clients won’t love you after that. :slight_smile:

If you’re just starting out, you might consider checking Chris Coyier’s website. He has a great 3-part series on developing a custom WordPress Theme at CSS-Tricks.

Beyond that, if you’re doing this for someone else that’s paying you, then you need to be sure to get a really good understanding of what the client expects on the front end once the site is finished.

Creating a custom theme is great, but added functionality can necessitate a great deal more code work, and your time estimate can easily double with things that have nothing to do with your WordPress theme.

I would say double of what kohoutek suggested due to your unfamiliarity with everything. That is assuming you know at least some PHP…

It’s hard for me to compare because I use moneyestimates more often than timeestimates. Let’s say I should do a not complex blog design for wp. Something like standard Header Navigation Sidebar Footer. I would ask for 200-250€. And i feel underpaid.
How much is your hourly rate?

if youre just starting out - join the queue!!

My advice is forget about charging by the hour and give an all up quote so you can build a portfolio.

Personally I don’t buy anything without seeing past performance.

If it’s like in traditional software project 80% probability a client never really knows until he sees the stuff. So you’d better anticipate the price for that :slight_smile:

The best is use Agility, asking feedbacks as frequently as possible to correct before the final release.

In a market where client is king, you cannot charge per your hour but by standard hour or the client psychological price, that is if you are a good seller (good psychologists and communicator) you can charge x times more than a bad seller.

I’ve built a number of custom skins. It usually takes an additional 1-2 hours to install WordPress and set up the skins beyond the normal front-side coding time. Maybe its just me, but blog designs tend to be simpler. Usually I could have it done in 4 hours, but 7 seems reasonable to give you more wiggle room. Of course, it could take longer if the designer is very particular or they want you to do a lot of customization. You can usually just start with the default template and lay in your front-side code.

Have a look at the design and programming features required before giving a price… could vary from 1 hour into something that can’t be easily built in Wordpress.

Maybe start thinking in terms of project based pricing. Start off with a few local community organizations to build up your profile and marketing portfolio.

Don’t underestimate the time it takes. There are always unforeseen issues that you will need to fix along the way. Take all your monthly expenses and break down your cost of living… you need to make a profit that supports your life based on hours worked.

I would just charge $250 and expect delays due to your learning curve. Don’t give them a tight deadline but keep them informed.

After you get a couple projects under your belt then adjust prices accordingly

I’ll give a ballpark then charge by the hour. And if they moan say it’ll be no more than £X.

yeh that should be enough time to implement the ideas

My friend implemented a theme within about 2 hours.

Installing a theme is a 10 sec task…If you are working on a existing theme then I would believe 3-4 hours is enough to customize it since you are not coding the theme but just making changes…

However if you are looking to develop a custom theme …then it really depends on the design , layers, and custom coding takes time…You can’t estimate it based on hours… !

We develop Wordpress themes based on fixed price rather than hourly because it’s good for both parties…! You also need to consider revisions time because that is sure to happen…!