is highly overrated, and may not be best for you - Go find an alternate

I keep seeing in so many threads people swearing by and advising others to use nothing but

And I’m beginning to feel a bit like I’m in a flock of sheep :slight_smile:

There are numerous escrow services. I recently wrote an article about this. eBay recommends various regional escrow services if you live in unusual places like Europe or Australia - and they are all very good and reliable services. Here in the UK, I’ve often used and I understand that is pretty good too. And there are many others.

There have been one or two odd cases of an escrow company being fraudulent but it smacks of alarmism (and amateurism) to claim that there’s only one safe escrow company in the world.

There are several good reasons to avoid and use alternate escrow services - and I may come to that later - but let’s hear first if any of you out there has used something other than who took your money and ran?

Stand up and be counted if you’ve been scammed by an escrow company. I suspect that very few have actually had problems with escrow companies disappearing on them. Very few to almost none. Hands up if you have. Tell us the name of the company and what happened.

Ebay = PayPal
Ebay bought paypal 1.5Billion

of course they aren’t going to help out their competition. has processed thousands of dollars for me, no hitch.

If it works don’t fix it. :goof: has processed hundreds of thousands of dollars for me without problem. But that does not mean that they are always the right choice for every webmaster and every transaction. For some transactions I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

It’s great that you are aware eBay bought Paypal. Two things I’d like to point out: 1. Paypal is a payment processor, not an escrow company so it would be stupid of eBay to recommend Paypal for escrow. 2. eBay recommends escrowaustralia and escrow-europe (and others) depending on where you are.

I’m talking as someone who has read the fine print on every major escrow company’s website. There are numerous potholes in’s T&Cs which you obviously haven’t had the misfortune to hit and I’m glad for you. I’ll come to them later.

My question was: Is there anyone here who has had an escrow company do a dirty on them?

I thought your post was… is highly overrated, and may not be best for you - time for an alternate?”

Im sure someone has had a bad experience.

When sites sell… assuming thats what you are talking about… people usually use escrow or paypal. That was the reason for that reference. Paypal has ripped me of for thousands of dollars. Just my 2 cents.

people usually use escrow or paypal.

There’s a difference between escrow and

Yep just bought a house… didn’t use lol

So what are we talking bout… escrow services or

And I always thought was god…dang.

Wow why is everyone ripping on ?

<sigh> And I was looking for a mature debate!

mkoenig, you’ve made your point about - possibly you’ve used nothing else! Now can we move on?

Have anyone ever tried OTHER escrow companies? If yes, then I’d like to hear your comments.

Hey my bad, i thought this was a forum, and you are correct never used anything else, lets see if anyone else has.

No offence was meant.

It may well be that nobody posts here that they’ve used alternate escrow agencies. If so, it only reinforces the dominance that one company has. And, in due course, I’ll show why that puts both buyers and sellers at risk.

O with no doubt that is dominated by one company. Maybe that’s room for you to start your own?

Can’t be that hard. All you do is charge a fee and hold the money for 5+ days :slight_smile:

Well I’m new to all this but there may come a day when I need an escrow company and I’m interested to know why you think may not be a good idea

i’ve never had an issue with them, i think fruity was asking about escrow in general?

Maybe he can comment?

I was going to post some of my comments here but thought that the main site selling advice thread was more appropriate. Have a look there.

Apart from what’s listed there, a few technicalities make other choices better for certain transactions. For example, if the transactions is more than $5,000 (which is often the case with transactions here in SP) you can’t use a credit card, you have to do a bank transfer, pay more for the privilege and waste time in the process. If you’re based outside the US, unless you are doing international transfers regularly your bank may require you to go in person to a local branch. iescrow, for example, allow up to $10,000 (and charge less).

Disclaimer: I’m not interested in starting an escrow company. I don’t promote any escrow affiliate program other than

I’m still interested in hearing if anyone has had any bad experiences with any of the other escrow companies.

I have had issues with people outside the us. I think there is a larger fee correct.

So yeah… outside the us may be bad, what alternatives are there that you have came across?

Sedo is better for domains, the escrow companies that ebay recommends in Europe and Australia are good. iescrow is a lot cheaper than and just as reliable. No matter where in the world you are escroweurope are the specialists for any transaction involving code/database/programs and a lot safer than general escrows like for that type of transaction. I’ve made more detailed recommendations in that post I linked to above.

sounds good. im checking the others out now. seems to do the job and keep millions happy, Maybe that is something bad?

Honestly, You should both give it a rest - is what people use and will use, So by trying others to recommend other Escrow companies could lead to more victims of fraud. Because one guy can read this topic, open a Escrow company and recommend it to others and then thats it - They are in for the cash. With topics like these, you’d have a clear idea why more and more people get scammed.

No offence made, just making a point. There’s absolutely no use in this topic.

oxidati0n, so keep using, who’s stopping you? This discussion is for the smart people, those who can bothered to read the facts before they decide. Have you even read the post that FruitMedley linked to in #15 above? I thought not! In fact, you don’t seem to have even read this thread properly, you’re asking mkoenig to “give it a rest”!