Escape # in binding variables

I hav an instance that I have to find out ways to escape the # sign which is contained in the binding variable.

<cfdiv id=“nameDiv” bind=“url:desc.cfm?name={Avail_Names}”/>

the result of {Avail_Names} can be anything that with a # in it. ie. AF#SISG, W#JYSM, IEIU#8

Now it works fine for IE, but not in Firefox, it stop at the #, and the rest has been truncated. I need a way to bypass # and pass the whole name.

Where are the values coming from? Do you have control over them or are they used anywhere else? If you can modify those passed values and double up the # signs then it should work just fine. Replace all # with ## and CF will treat is as the way you want it to work.

Just my thought.

The problem is {Avail_Names} come from drop down selection, I could not double # before selection, and I could not use replace inside {}, and without doing it before binding, the url passed will not be complete, only stop at the # sign. IF I could not do it, I have to give the cfdiv function altogether.

Thanks for your reply.

Here is the code:

<form name=“myForm” method=“post”>

<b><center>Part Name</center></b><br>

<select name=“Avail_Names” id=“Avail_Names”>

  &lt;cfoutput query="getName"&gt;

        &lt;option value =""&gt; #name#




<cfdiv id=“nameDiv” bind=“url:desc.cfm?name={Avail_Names}”/>