Error with load of product images - any ideas?


Our client’s site has a lot of product images on the products list page (so loading time may vary, sometimes say 50-70 shoe thumbnails, 18-20kb each, displayed on a page). Our client has reported:

“I have been noticing an error with the load of the medium product images
on the product list pages over the past few days. I ignored it at first
but it is happening fairly consistently so hope you can look into it for
I am using IE8 - please see screenshot on the issue attached.
This has happened a couple of times.
If I hit refresh to reload the page the image always comes up OK.”

We asked the client to check his browser settings, posting a few links,

However the client keeps experiencing the problem on different machines but within their office network (UK, broadband connection) so I think the problem is bigger than just a personal internet connection issue. Perhaps to do with IE8, or our server (see attached for a broken image which should load).

At the moment I don’t have an idea how to fix this or where to look…could anyone help?

Many thanks,

If it is constantly the same images that aren’t showing up I can imagine they are CMYK encoded JPEG files. Converting them to RGB would solve the problem.
IE doesn’t like CMYK encoded JPEG files, all other browsers display them just fine.

True, but I haven’t heard any reports of failed JPG loads. This is reported for the product thumbnails themselves, which are PNGs. The PNG thumbnails sometimes fail to load, one or two out of 20-50 at a random time. Any ideas, anyone? :frowning:


Thanks for your reply. The client has asked his designer asked his designers about CMYK vs RGB. However I can confirm that these are PNGs, not JPGs.

The site is:

I will confirm if this is CMYK, but does the above help? Does IE8 have a problem with PNGs as well, or is there a solution here?

If anyone notices the same issue on a different browser, please do let me know.

Many thanks,

Not all of them:

The images took a while to load in - I have a dial-up cnx - maybe the browser times out before they finish?