Error when install

I got an error when I try install Tomcat 6 addon on my computer.

How I can fix this problem?

Yes, I’m using dreamweaver right now.

I’m already install xampp software, I get this error when install Tomcat 6 addon

are you still working through dream weaver?

or is that another product?

I’ve never seen xampp-win32-tomcat-addon before.

It looks like that site is called apache friends? I don’t get that, but one of the small text parts states:

For all “newcomers”: You only need the XAMPP basis package. “Add-On” packages are optional.

Did you install the XAMPP basis package?

If you don’t mind my asking, why did you pick that site instead of this one:

Like I said before, I’ve never seen that product before and would go so far as to say what you’re doing is fairly non-standard.

I would write to them and ask for support.