ERROR: $table_prefix in wp-config.php can only contain numbers, letters, and undersco


I have three Wordpress websites in my VPS server. This morning, I asked the support from the hosting company to install the CRM VTiger in one of my subdomains.

Coincidence or not, my three websites went down. Error message: “ERROR: $table_prefix in wp-config.php can only contain numbers, letters, and underscores.”

My websites never changed from hosting or as far as i see no changes in their folder names or whatever.

I Googled and found some solutions, like to change the tables prefixes. I changed the table prefixes and matched their new prefix name at wp-config php. No joy. Repaired database using PHPMyAdmin and checked the wp-config.php. All seems god. but the sites continue down.

* 6 Simple Steps to Change Your Table Prefix in WordpressbyTdot – Blog

All day looking for a solution so my websites will be up again.

Hope to find some help here in Sitepoint, really reached my limits as a newbie to try to solve this alone.

thank you in advance,


Issue solved.

In my case the problem was on the server side, since I was unable to create a new Wordpress site using CPanel and Fantastico. The hosting company performed a revision in the configuration and solved the error.

Thank you