Error submitting Data

I used Scott’s RIA example and it works perfectly when I browse directly to the file. However, when I add those files within a cflayout tag, I get the following ambigous error:
window:global: Object expected (https://nmlc-dev-02:8976/vials_cf/?cfdebug=true, line 196)

Anyone have any ideas which object on which page I should be looking? There is nothing more about this error within the log files.

I can submit code as needed.

Thanks in advance,
David :mad:

That’s a Javascript error rather than ColdFusion and I’m guessing that the window global function is expecting some other than a URL to be passed.

You could download a copy of Firebug as that should help you a lot in debugging it. Also worth reviewing your cflayout tag to make double sure it’s setup right :wink:

Thanks Clarkee,
However, my cflayout doesn’t work in FireFox to get to a point to use FireBug (I wish), but that’s another issue.