Error opencart Log Errors

Below are opencart Log Errors im unable to fix can you help please
I’ll not be able to share client url

@Atik1 you need to look inside product.tpl and see what code is causing a problem on the lines mentioned, if you have the original files then taking a backup of product.tpl and replace it with the original product.tpl may solve your problem if the file has been altered in some way… Always back up the file first!!

overwritng is it only way out

It’s impossible to tell without seeing the code contained on those lines in product.tpl, it’s also more difficult if we do not know what the website is, is this something you have just noticed? I have seen templates and themes that have errors from the beginning, if you can’t test the original file or installation then it’s going to be very difficult for us to help you further… you could ask in the Opencart forum or whoever sold your client the theme…

Opencart forum is


I crosschecked with ORIGINAL FILES ,it seems log errors r pointg to fix the errors on line say xxx,but actually dere are no code

do u feel log error can sometime give errors when dere are no errors

is the client website working correctly? If this was my client what I would do is take the original files and install a test environment, you can use Wamp or Lamp on almost any computer. These contain everything you need like MYSQL, PHP, Apache etc… if you create a fresh install then you can check the logs to see if there are any errors in the log files. It could be that some sort of modification or extension was installed that is either broken, missing, or not working correctly, whatever the problem is, is on all the product pages on the website…

ya the client website is working correctly

I’ve test environment already ,but when i trace errors in the admin panel & compared with orignial files ,i can see there is no errors still OC says its error

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