Error on load.php, won't allow me into admin

Hi guys,

I moved by Wordpress site to a new host using Wordpress move - it worked fine with 2 other sites, but this one didn’t work perfectly.

The site is

After migrating the site to the new server and logging into the admin, it asked me to update my database. I clicked “Update Wordpress Database” and it supposedly updated.

The login page is fine, then after that, I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Screen::in_admin() in /home/lakerhol/public_html/ on line 606

Any ideas? Thanks!

Solved this by switching DNS back to my old host, upgrading WordPress to the latest version, and then commencing the move again. Seems the older version of WordPress affected the move, though there wasn’t a problem with another site when I tried it with an older version.

Either way, problem solved!