Error on Contact Form submission

I have a decent looking contact script on the go, but unfortunately it doesn’t send messages, it just displays ERORR! message. However, the ‘Invalid email address entered’ error does work when you put nonsense into the email box.

Can anyone see why it’s not working?


I suspect that mail() isnt supported on your local server !! You need to have an SMTP server installed for mail() to work

Ahhhh I see… Never took that into consideration. Thanks.

Just found out that Apache have a mod_smtpd module in alpha quality for those interested.

Besides that, thanks for the heads up.

I have it live and working, except one small problem. phone label content won’t be displayed in email content, unless I add it to be a required field. At the moment above you can see it’s a value, but it doesn’t get posted. If you add it to values and required fields, it will be displayed in the email content.

Why is this?

Error’s resolved = Now fully working.