Error message on booting

I had this problem and changed the HDD but still getting the same error
Thanks in advance

What are the exact steps you are taking to get this message?
The community will need your computer type, OS name and version, as well.

Well, this is a desktop with Windows 8 initially installed getting the same error, so changed the HDD and now windows xp SP 2 with the same error

So you boot up and get the error? The HDD does not ever finish booting? You did not tell us what steps you took to get the error.

Yes, boots up and gets the error but resumes into windows on pressing F1

This is a hardware question. I’m afraid that this site is about software questions.

But I learnt everything including hardware goes?

Do you have more than one hard drive installed?

In any case backup all your data right now!!!

I few years ago the HDD on my Mum’s PC displayed a SMART warning, I backup up her data onto another drive and the drive that gave the SMART error promptly failed right afterwards

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So no simple fix for these unpleasant errors :banghead: as this is the third time my 1TB HDD is bound to fail…

Is the computer plugged into the mains via a surge protector?>

Looks kike the BIOS is reporting the HDD imminent failure problem.

Have your tried entering the BIOS and selecting the BIOS defaults?

It could be your system is overclocked or has incorrect BIOS settings.


Pls nope

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