Error in Principles of Beautiful Web Design 3/E

I just started Principles of Beautiful Web Design 3d Edition and would like confirmation of what looks like a non-trivial error on page 14, in the discussion of Grid Theory. In the excerpt “divide content into quarters by spanning four columns, thirds by spanning three, …” I think the words “four” and “three” are reversed. If I’m wrong then I don’t quite grasp the concept and would welcome an explanation.

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Hi @daryl9 welcome to the forum

I’m confused. I’ve understood “to get thirds, divide by three, to get quarters divide by four” for so long I can’t think of any alternatives that don’t resolve to the same.

I think the copy might be improved a bit if it read

"divide content layout into … "

If that is about the “Rule of three” and you think it should be a “Rule of four”, I wouldn’t get snagged by it.

On one hand logic is that countless artists and aficionados are more correct than a different opinion.

On the other hand, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. IMHO, why not break the rules? header in the left gutter, footer sticky in page center? errm, probably not that exactly.

Point is, push the boundaries if so inclined. Rote may pay the bills, invention can bring change.

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Ah, I looked in my edition 2 of the book and found this on page 13 under 960 Grid System

I personally prefer to work from the 12-column templates, as they allow me to easily divide content into quarters by spanning four columns and thirds by spanning three, and halves by spanning six.

Instead of the context being amount of the “whole” it’s amount of “all the columns”. i.e. after removing the units, one half of twelve is indeed 6, one fourth of twelve is 3 and one third of twelve is 4

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