Error in perl:Can't locate object method "catch" via package "HException"

I am trying to do the exception handling in perl using the try/catch method, but i encountered error of “Can’t locate object method “catch” via package “HException” (perhaps you forgot to load “HException”?) at line 27.”

I try to add the use HException but I received another error like:
Can’t locate in @INC (@INC contains: /nfs/site/2.0

Here is my code, I mask the use HException out because i dont think i need to add that in after all since it should be in the library /nfs/site/2.0. Any idea will be good!

use lib '/nfs/site/2.0/';
use strict;
use warnings;
use HSDApi;
#use HException;
use Error qw(:try);   

my $dbname = "debug_tools"; # See 2nd section for how to get your project's name.
my $dsn="${dbname}_pre"; # If connecting to the staging db, set this to ${dbname}_pre

my $reader = new HDataReader($dsn);    # Creates a reader and connects to the db.
# Put the API calls in a try-catch block    
try {
print "Let's see if it fails...\
$reader->execQuery("SELECT * FROM processing")   # This should throw an HException if it fails
#catch Error with {
catch HException with {
     my $ex = shift;   # Get hold of the exception object
     # handle the exception
     print $ex->getErr();