Error - 508 Resource Limit Reached

I have a wordpress website. Now days I am frequently getting an error “508 Resource Limit Reached”. Many times website stop working. Please check attached snap shoot.

I know it is server side error but I don’t know how to resolve this problem. Please give your suggestion to resolve this problem. Website is

Are you on a VPS by chance? Maybe you are exceeding your CPU/Memory threshold. Try disabling some of your plugins (if not all of them) and see how it performs for a while.

Had you installed a particular plug-in around the time the problem started? If so that would be the best one to disable first. Also have a look through PHPs, MySQLs and the server’s (assuming you have access rights) error logs to see if there are any entries that might give a clue as to what’s draining the resources

You are getting this error because you are exceeding CPU/Memory limit . May be the resources your website is allocated is exceeding . So check with your hosting company to look into the issue and increase the limit and also check if there is any unwanted plugins installed then remove it.

its using wordpress? or?

Try reading the post before responding. It was in the very first sentence. (hint: yes, he is using wordpress)

hihihi… sorry, I am newbie in the forum… If wordpress, That’s because your account is exceeding the resources that are allocated to it, such as CPU usage or RAM allocation. u can remove or disable plugins you are using it :slight_smile: