Error 431 request header field /api/users/register too large

Good day everyone please the website I created afrer opening it using my terminal on viewing the error on developers tools it was saying request header to large

Try clearing your cookies for the site and see if the error goes away. Sometimes when you have too many cookies, the headers get filled up and become too large for the server to process. If you control the server, are you storing a lot of data in a cookie?


Okqy will do that sir thanks

Good day sir pls I tried that by clearinh the cookies but the error still didn’t go. This us the error it is still showing below

The error is from my line of code which is below, which is line 26 of my register.js file.

Please is there any way I can clear or change that code?

Please I think the error is from my xhr file line 255

Please don’t be annoyed with me though the errors have cleared based on the topic and under this topic /post but am experiencing this

This is first time seeing something like this and I am shocked it happened because it’s not meant to happen

So the original problem has been resolved as far as you can tell? If so, try starting a new topic with your new error.

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