Eric Myers CSS style reset Que

Buongiorno from 6 degrees C about to rain Wetherby UK,

Ive just began to play with CSS style resets and have loved the results of using this CSS reset But my question is please…
“Is this still ok to use or are there more improved editions out there?”

Thanks in advance,

It’s better than his old one, but a bit of overkill unless you use all those elements.

There’s normalise.css (or maybe it’s normalize with the z) which is also silly-verbose but much cleaner than Meyer’s. First thing I checked in it was, did it still work with keyboard? Answer: yes. Outline and :focus were in.

Honestly, I recommend you just write your CSS, and when you find there are a bunch of elements you are repeating yourself on, then lump those together near the top.

Like if you saw you’re always readjusting the vertical-align on images because you’re leaving them inline a lot (not floating them or display:blocking them) and you always get that annoying gap at the bottom, and never want a border either. Then go ahead and have near the top of your page something like
img {
border: 0;
vertical-align: bottom; /or whatever isn’t baseline/