Entry Level Developer Salary

Hi I’m new to sitepoint,

I’m an entry level web developer (html/css/js/php) with a diploma in Canada, on the pacific coast. Does anyone have an idea what to expect for hourly rate? Because I’ve heard ridiculous numbers like $15-20/hr CAD. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Rates really depend on your area and the nature of your skills as well as if you’re going full time or freelance.

You can read about six-figure entry level jobs in Silicon Valley for “engineers” but that doesn’t mean any developer in the area is making that much out the door [although having hired many devs there, it’s a strong market for people with good code skills]. The more in demand the skillset, the better the pay… iOS / Android developers being one big rage now.

Salary.com lists a web developer in the US at an average of 86k and a low of 57. Not front end and not fresh out of school but it’s a good reference point compared to the 42k you’re hearing (20/hr * 2080 hours).

If you want to stick to freelance while new to the market expect to take a hit as you compete with outsourced and seriously work hungry types but if you can find a reputable firm to get you on longer projects you can get past much of that.