Enligthen me on this Level?

can you help me please to enligthen my mind in No. 1 what does it means, that the level is increased for the date of delivery. ?

Is that by mean increment the level every time there is new record inserted ? it’s like auto_increment ?

Thank you in advance.

No. It’s a fixed amount because it looks to be a history record (kind of like a credit in an accounting ledger). For example, say you receive ten widgets in your deliveries. So you’d basically have this:

day_date        product_id  level
 9 November 2015    1        5
12 November 2015    1        5
15 November 2015    1        5

I’m assuming either a) you have a debit table or b) you have a total inventory table somewhere.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the reply, so level is the quantity of the product being delivered by date ?.

Thank you in advance.

That’s the way I read it.

Thank you Dave :slight_smile:

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