Employee Directory Plugins

Hi all,

I’m getting ready to start work on a client site we’re planning to build on Wordpress. Part of this site involves an employee directory sortable by category, searchable by name. The contact links ideally go to a php contact form that forwards to the appropriate employee e-mail. What would be some reliable plugin options to meet most-to-all of these requirements? Thanks!

About a year ago, I did a search for a directory listing page that would list employees, titles, and contact information. Nothing really existed at the time, so I ended up having to write my own plugin.

You can try searching for “staff directory”, “employee directory”, “staff list”, or “employee list” combined with “wordpress plugin”. Maybe something has cropped up in the last year (note, the plugin I wrote was for internal use only, and I did not want to release it then have to support it and feature requests from the world at large, so I have no plans to release it).

If that fails, you might have to end up writing your own.

If you are just looking for a “contact us” form, there are more than plenty of plugin options there.