Embeding image in textfield problem

Hi guys,

i’m trying to insert an image inside a textfield with html, but when i try something simple like:

test_txt.htmlText = 'asd <img src="1.jpg" > asd';

the image appears on the next line.On top of the image i have the text: asd asd
And i want the image to appear on the same line inside the text: asd [image] asd

It’s for emoticons inside chatbox…

Thanks for the help

Here is a demo, maybe it will explain better.

Use e.g:

<img src='smiley.png' width ='16' height='16' vspace='0' hspace='0' />


first of all thanks for the help.

I tried it your way, but the image still falls on the next line(Check the screenshot). It surprises me that the text after the image doesn’t follow the image.

Any other suggestions? :confused: