Embedding wav file in html


On my site I tried embedding code so the user can play/stop the wave file.
link: http://www.theillusionist.ca/
It is not working and I don’t know why.

<EMBED height=“16” SRC=“Upgrade_your_Identity-full_length_track.wav” VOLUME=“50” loop=“false” controls=“console” AUTOSTART=“FALSE” width=“128”>

If anyone could help me out, that would be great.

can you uncomment the embed section?

One word of advice and not trying to be mean but I would suggest using divs for your layout and scrap the nested tables.

Second. Convert you wav into an mp3. Wav’s can be enormous depending on quality and length. It may be that the file is huge and takes forever to actually download.

When I place this in my browser

So far it’s 30 sec. and still not loaded.

Thanks for answering me. I have asked the person who sent me the wav file to convert it to mp3.
I have uncommented the code and it can be found at:

seems to be working for me fine in FF on mac.

Thank you.
This is a dumb question, but if they want the music to play, irregardless of what web page they are on, but still want the controls to display, would I have to put this on every web page?

no question is dumb. That’s how you learn. :slight_smile:

Yes you have to embed the song on the page. It won’t play across pages.

And yes you would need the controls on every page. Unless you started the song automatically but people may get annoyed with that.