Embedding svg graphics. Looks fine locally, crops w/scroll on server

Okay so I have some svg images embedded onto my site. When I preview the site locally (just open the html with Chrome), it looks fine. When I upload it to the server and view online: the images seem to get stuffed into a scrollbox.

This is what the svg code looks like (exported from Illustrator): http://codepen.io/anon/pen/GwqzK

There are no styles on the element.

Here it is on my test-site: link

Edit: If I make the embed element larger manually I can get the scrollbars to disappear but this seems like a bad hack.

Using this article I was able to, finally, get it to show up correctly while using Firefox.
Unfortunately, Chrome still gives it a vertical scroll bar. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, doesn’t show it all :-S