Embedding Instagram Posts Sizing Issue

I am trying to add an instagram post to my webpage but the width of the instagram post will not change. I am changing the size (width) of the div outside of the embedding code that was provided by instagram. Is there another way to approach this?

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Yeah this is so simple you can follow this. Go to http:// instagram .com/[username] and then click the post to expand it. Click in the bottom-right corner (for desktop) or the top-right corner (for mobile) and select Embed . Copy the embed code that appears and paste it into your web page’s HTML. I hope this will help you to resolve this error.

Those Instagram embeds are responsive out of the box. So the problem is something to do with the code you’re putting around it. We’d need to see a demo of that, as ronpat said.

The Instagram embed has a max width and min width set, so perpaps they are tripping you up? If so, just adjust them to suit.

max-width:540px; min-width:326px;

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