Embedding a video

To embed a video on your website page, with the video being on your own server, and you want the video to be as good quality as possible, and you want the page to load as fast as possible, what format do you have the video in please?

An Mpeg-4 H264 seems to be the standard format these days which is widely supported.

There will always be some compromise between speed and quality. You could provide different versions for varying connection speeds/screen sizes.

Thanks Sam, is putting Mpeg-4 H264 on the page the same as an mp4 ?

An H264 video may well have an .mp4 extension. But an mp4 file may use another codec.

Thanks, this subject is very new to me, so just getting to know it. How many different video types for the same video do you (and anyone else here) put on your website please?

I believe it is possible to upload your videos to YouTube, make them private and to supply the links on your website.

Advantages are YouTube handles the conversions and they are globally cached.

Another alternative is to utilize AMP.


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Yes, it’s a long time since I hosted any videos, I tend to upload to Youtube or Vimeo and embed from there.

I just prefer to avoid the risk of the videos being taken off without me knowing.

I get that mp4 would be the main one to use, does anyone here use any fallbacks?

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