Embedding a PowerPoint Presentation on Websites

Is there any way that I could embed PowerPoint presentations on my website so that viewers could easily view the presentation on the site without needing to download it or install software? I am trying to avoid using a service like Slideshare. Thanks.

Not really unless it is for an intranet where you know everyone already has Powerpoint.

On the internet many of your visitors will not have a copy of Powerpoint and so will need to first download the PowerPoint viewer (you should provide a link to the Microsoft page they can download it from). Also many of them will not be running Internet Explorer and so their browser will not be able to play the PowerPoint within the browser even if they do have a full version of PowerPoint available.

For those running IE with a copy of PowerPoint already installed their browser is probably already configured so that the link you have that will allow most people to download the PowerPoint presentation will open and play it in their browser.

If all you need is the slides and not any kind of animation, one solution is to output the file to PDF, as most people will be able to read a PDF file (although think about your target audience, and remember that mobile devices in particular might not support PDF or any other non-HTML format).

Thank you so much for your responses. This issue is now resolved.