Embedding a PDF onto my website?

Hello how do i embedd a pdf into my website with dreamweaver ??
pls help thank u .

[FONT=Verdana]You can just link to it in the usual way, and depending on the browser/OS, it will either open in the browser or in the usual document viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat).

<a href=“document.pdf”>document</a>[/FONT]

Ok Thank you Technobear

make sure the file location is in the same directory with your web pages, unless you are using file path.

Good, thanks for you guys. I have also need to embed a page flip catalog which created from PDF, and I also follow the suggestions of Technobear to embed html catalog on my website with ease: <a href=“…/2013-catalog.html”>2013-catalog</a>. Thanks a lot.