Embed video in IE?

Hi guys,Ive searched a few different sites…Ive tried to embed a video on my site… looks perfect on Firefox…

In IE, once you start the actual video and accept the Active x… it cuts out the rest of the page…

Y0u cant see the rest of the content on the page…http://bluecrushdesign.co.za/aqua/newproducts.html
(IE 8)Can anyone help?

Can you convert the video to something other than WMV? Because if so, then you can use a Flash-based player (like Flowplayer) or, better yet, the native <video> tag (with the help of some 3rd party script, such as [url=http://videojs.com/]VideoJS); that would (probably) solve the cross-browser problems.

escapedf - Try vimeo videos…they are good for websites.

You should definitely convert your video for the other reason that in using Windows Media Format, you lose Mac visitors who cannot see it unless they have Flip4Mac or something that will allow them to see the WM codec. You need to use a more universal format. Vimeo is a good idea because you can use their embed code and you can see their videos on an iPad. If you simply upload a SWF with a video, iPad/iPhone users cannot see it.

hi guys…damn i didnt get any of your replies in my inbox - even though i subscribed on this thread…these new forums arent working 100% :(i missed my closing tag at the end…Seems to work ok nowthanks for the advice though!