Embed image into html email

I created a html email for a client that contains several images that are linked to my personal ftp server.My client asked me to have the url of the images encrypted into the email. How is that done? Thank you!

How are you creating the email?

You embed images alongside the HTML in an email using multipart/related

I coded the email myself using html and inline css. What’s multi-part related?

I’m curious if I can embed the images, but I misunderstood the client. They want the image url encrypted. How do I do that?

Thank you, Meryl

Hi blueellipse, here’s a guide to embedding images in email that may help you. Do so at your own risk - many email clients are pretty flaky with this technique.

I hope you don’t mind my asking, but what exactly do you mean by encripting the URL? You mean so that recipients of the e-mail can’t see their web location?

A simpler alternative may be using internet image hosting sites (there are plenty of them, and they are pretty well known). I used to run a site for an NGO and I was in charge of putting the newsletter together. I used to just link the img parts to images located on online hosting sites. That way I had no space taken up on our own host, we made sure it loaded quickly, and I didn’t have to attach any hefty img files on the emails.

It’s not encrypting, but it may be an alternative to solving your problem.

I landed up going back to the client asking for clarity, since I was having a hard time finding a solution to his request. He clarified that what he wanted was just some added links, not some encryption even though that’s the word he used.

Thank you everyone for your help.