Embed flash for <noscript> -- <embed> doesn't validate


why does <embed> tag not validate in XHMTL? this is used with <object> tag to embed Flash content for when JavaScript is disabled on the browser…

thank you…

Oddly, they may have updated their flash since 99% of flash websites these days wont work with anything prior to 9 anyhow.

Remember, a lot of people are still on 6 because there is no 7 for Win2k/earlier, while flash 10.1 still installs on those.

See why we’re likely stuck supporting IE8 almost indefinately since there’s going to be no IE9 for WinXP/earlier, and a LOT of people aren’t letting go of XP.

Okay so you only need the class version to support those people running IE6 with old versions of Flash (which is probably the vast majority of IE users since if they haven’t updated IE they probably haven’t updated Flash either).

That is what doesn’t work for IE6. You need to use a classid instead to identify it as flash for IE6.

See http://www.felgall.com/flash.htm for a copy of sample code nesting two object tags that will support flash both in IE6 and more modern browsers. The place where your alternate content for those who do not have flash is also marked in the code.

No, no you don’t… at least not since flash 9 dropped, which magically fixed that problem all the way back to IE 5.0

Try it - I’ve got it in a VM here under Win2k, IE6 with no newer versions present (so I know it’s true IE6) with flash and it runs just fine without that class nonsense.

TECHNICALLY to ‘support’ IE6 you don’t need the embed if you are using flash for what it does well; Movies or games.

If you want to use it for crap you shouldn’t – like banners, autoplaying animated garbage and site navigation, THEN you ‘need’ that stupid embed and the rest of the garbage people throw in their websites for no good reason.

I’ve NEVER needed more than:

	<param name="movie" value="flash.swf" />
	<param name="quality" value="high" />
	<!-- alternative content should go here -->

…and neither should you. Oh noes, IE users might have to click to activate something that shouldn’t be allowed to autoplay in the first place!

what is the “slightly different version” required for IE6?? :wink:

thank you…

There is no such tag as <embed> in HTML. The <object> tag works in all browsers to embed content just a slightly different version is required for IE6 than for more modern browsers.

See http://www.felgall.com/flash.htm for an example of how to combine two object tags to do it (one for IE6 and the other for all other browsers). If you don’t need to support IE6 then just the inner object tag by itself will be sufficient.