Emailing Random number generated /Password protected HTML Web Forms,

I am having a little trouble with this. I have a WordPress Site, although if I had to switch to straight HTML I could, but my question is this. I have forms I want to sell. Once these forms are bought I want the purchaser to be given a random number. (I have found random number generators.) My question is I have the forms linked to web pages ,… is there a way I can have the purchaser be given a random number then when one wants to fill out one of his forms they would enter the random number and the form would pop up.


I have soe web forms that are for sale and was wondering how I could give a random number password proteced html web form so that once the purchaserbuys the form they are given a random generated numberand also a password. Then once the form filler enters the random number on my site they are given a link to the form. Then once the form is filled out the form is emailed to the purchaser. I am wondering how this could be done ,… how can i integrate RNG and Password proteced html url forms to then have them submited to the purchaser,…?

ThanX foranyu and all responses,


I don’t know how to do that, but I would choose a digital selling tool instead, such as Google “sell digital files” for more results.