Email with newsletter in the body? HELP

Hi all I’m new to this and I thought I needed some simple help to do a 2-3 page type newsletter… but I want it to be open when the email opens… is this possible or do I have to go back to school to have a good looking newsletter appear immediately?:confused:

Is there a happy ending to my simple request?


If you want the newsletter to open once the email opens, why not just have the newsletter words IN the email? Or did you want a new window or something? I think I’m misunderstanding the basic dynamics of what you need :slight_smile:

Ok perhaps I wasn’t clear… if I want a nice looking “pretty” email that looks like a newsletter without being 5mb or more… is it possible. Rather than have people open an attachment?

I would like to have a couple of photos or a graph and a product of the month for example with further information via a link to another site or web page? Am I dreaming… but I remember getting an email from someone that looked fantastic… Like a web page but its links worked and it opened as the email.