Email verification issue

Hi guys! I’ve been testing and modifying this registration form which works really well - almost. The problem i’m having is it will not send email verification to the user or the admin! This problem seems quite popular because there are many comments on the page about the same issue but no fix has worked and I’ve been working on a fix all day! Here is the registration form in question It might be useful to mention that i’m using google apps email with a separate host, i’m not sure if this matters?

Hopefully one of you clever people can solve this problem?


So - how is the verification supposed to happen? Does your script send out a second email to designated people? What does that code look like? And what causes it to be or not to be executed?

Hi Ginerjm,
I’ve just had notification from my server provider saying PHP mail function isn’t working at the moment (after spending all day trying get this working). So i believe it should be working by tomorrow…

Sorry to waste your time.