Email to BLOG

Blogger has an option called mail to blog. With this if you send an email to a specific email address it becomes a post on the blog.
The subject is the title … the body is the content.

So you know any other blogs that have this option available?

You can do this in WordPress. I tried it a few times and it works OK I guess.

Probably more useful when you want to make a post while you’re away from your browser, which I’m not. But its there.

Posterous really popularised this feature. They’re great for simple, Tumblr-style blogs.

You can do this with most blog platform, you can do it with ours as well.


Mail to blogger feature is available in This feature turns any email account into a blog posting application.

I found the one for Posterous … but with Tumblr … I will have to take another look ( closer one ).